Cadets have a dry time in Scotland at camp.


Two cadets from 2524 Oakington Squadron recently enjoyed a week away at RAF Lossiemouth as part of this summers Camp season.

Cadet Rebecca Thurston wrote a short paragraph about her time on camp.

She said: At RAF ‘Lossiemouth we had loads of fun. We saw the Typhoons, Tucanos and Tornados, met the pilots and saw the huge flight simulator. Also, we got to learn about the planes and see them fly over every day! We did social activities as well, like bowling, going to the beach, and rock climbing. We also got to go to the NAAFI where there was a dartboard and air hockey. On the last day, there was a big inspection and drill competition, and the awards were given out. A flight won best flight, but B flight won drill. The journey was 12 hours both ways, but it was totally worth it.’

Each year the squadron gets the opportunity to send cadets on a weeks camp which are held on current and active RAF stations.  They get to see what the station is doing and visit many sections on the station, as well as day trips out to some of the different local activities.

WO Robelou of 2524 says ‘ Annual camps are a fantastic way for the cadets to see how an RAF station works and get a feel for the range of jobs that help to make the station what it is.  They are also a good way for cadets from different squadrons to meet and make potential lasting friendships’


If you are interested in joining the 2524 Oakington Squadron please fill out the contact page.


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