2524 (Oakington) Sqn complete the 75th Sports Challenge

Last night cadets and staff put on their trainers to successfully complete the ATC 75 Sports Challenge.

The initiative, which was designed to promote fitness and raise sponsorship money, was open to every single squadron and featured five challenges.

Challenge 1 : Keepy ups  –  This challenge was a test of coordination with the teams of 5 juggling a football as many times as possible in the allotted 75 second time frame.

Challenge 2 : Target Practice  –  This challenge was a test of distance perception. This challenge involved hitting a tennis ball with a hockey stick into the target situated 7.5 meters away.

Challenge 3 : Shuttle Runs  –  This challenge was a test of speed endurance. In teams of five, cadets and staff had to complete 75 shuttle runs in the allotted time (7 ½ minutes). Each person had to complete 15 shuttles in order to complete the total 75. Each shuttle run was 20 metres.

Challenge 4 : The Plank  –  This challenge was a test of core strength endurance. The aim of this challenge was to hold the plank position for as long as possible up to a maximum of 7 1/2 minutes.   Points were be awarded for each time checkpoint reached.

Challenge 5 : Skipping  –  This challenge was a test of teamwork and coordination. The aim was to complete as many skips as possible in the allotted time (75 Seconds). The challenge had to be completed in teams of five –  two team members either end of the rope and one in the middle (the skipper). Each team will had five attempts and had to rotate the skipper for every attempt.

Every one who took part did extremely well, with excellent team work and camaraderie demonstrated throughout the evening!

Congratulations everyone!